About Me

Welcome to IVF Chasing Dreams.


Read all about my blogs from years of struggling to falling pregnant, 5 miscarriages, one less Fallopian tube and a load of injections.


The fantastic fourth IVF cycle has started and you are one of the lucky ones who I am sharing  my journey  with, from being engaged to Alex Reid and dealing with the press to talking about healthy smoothies, Harley Street Fertility Clinic and let's not forget showing a positive pregnancy test result!!! 


So take a seat, buckle up it’s going to be an emotional rollercoaster ride, grab your tissues and don’t forget your chocolates, get comfy and enjoy reading my blogs.  


My online shop is filled with fertility crystal healing bracelets, to an IVF diary to help you stay super organised with appointments, keeping track of meds and of course an amazing keepsake for when baby comes!


I’ve personally hand selected everything on the shop to help you on this journey and I use and wear everything in my store. I’ve selected an amazing fertility all in one supplement for women and men.


Keep checking my blogs as I start to write about products I use.